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Tayler Tate aka Artistictay

Born in St. Louis Missouri

Lives & works in Hazelwood,MO

I never really knew what I wanted to do in life, and when I was a kid I only ever viewed art as a hobby, something to pass the time. I figured I would grow up and get some corporate job and work a 9-5 till I retired like most people. One day something clicked inside of me, I started to understand the true power of creating and the influence art has on people psychologically. Suddenly it was no longer just a hobby for me.  Somewhere along the line, I gained the understanding that art is the creation of life and life is the creation of art and for me to be happy in life, I needed to make things that meant something. 


We are all starting as blank canvases in this life and the things we experience are what mold us into masterpieces. My work serves as a reflection of my own experiences, interests, beliefs, and as an avenue to celebrate and examine the African diaspora in all of its many aspects. The mediums I use change depending on the message or intent of my piece (or how experimental I'm feeling). I love to draw people and one of my greatest accomplishments was to paint my grandfather and see the smile on his face when he got the painting. I also love to express myself and celebrate my culture and intrests through clothing and jewelry. My goal in life is to  always be a vessel for creativity. 




2013-2017 Webster university leigh Geraldine school of fine arts 

Grants & Awards 

2012 - second place in the 2012 Congressional Art Competition

2017- Recipient of the second place prize in the Webster department of art and design’s Bachelor of the arts 2017 showcase 


2017 - Verses, Cecile. R.Hunt Gallery, Webster Groves (2017)

2017 - Synecdoche, Arcade Gallery, Saint Louis (2017)

2016 - Sweet Sixteen, Webster’s Leigh Gerdine department of art and design, Webster Groves (2016)


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